About us

The company was founded based on a realisation: There has been a need for more compact, efficient systems for handling sludge in aquaculture.

Blue Ocean Technology has developed a series of Plug & Farm® containerised sludge and water treatment systems. The container facilities have a high capacity and good flexibility and can process sewage sludge from up to 2500 tonnes of feed annually (with highly energy-efficient dewatering and adjustable ts). The system is built in insulated standard containers, on a skid or freestanding, and can be easily expanded to increase capacity, e.g., as the facility grows.


The idea

In January 2012 Jan Henning Legreid and Hans Runshaug started discussing using experience and technology from the oil and gas industry to develop a system for drying and cleaning sludge and water in containted aquaculture facilities on land and at sea.

Establishing the company

The company Blue Ocean Technology was founded and registered in May 2012.

The philosophy

The company was based on a philosophy of making a system with limited use for space, low energy consumption and high ts.



In the summer of 2015 various agreements regarding absorbents and methods for dewatering of sludge was concretized.



March 2016 a pilot facility was started at a hatchery.


To private investors – in addition to the founders – joined the company in the fall of 2016.



January 2017 saw the first contract for a commercial pilot facility. September marked the start of the first full-scale facility.



Extensive development and further technological advances.


Increasing revenue

Solid increase in sales and incrasing profitability.

The Explorer

Blue Ocean listed at The Explorer, the export portal for green technology.

Schneider Electric

Strategic partnership with Schneider Electric announced,



Influx of strong, strategic investor focusing on national and international growth – with a strong ESG/ downstream focus.


The brand Plug&Farm® is registered


Først on-sea sludge facility delivered to Hardingsmolt.

American Aquafarms

Contract signed with American Aquafarms

Salmon Evolution

Contract in several stages signed with Salmon Evolution


New building

Contract for new, highly energy efficient headquarters signed (administration, lab, operations room and workshop signed. The building to be Breeam-certified and energy class A

Salmon Evolution

The sludge system for Salmon Evolution phase I delivered.