Blue Ocean på Aqua Nor '23

Blue Ocean at Aqua Nor ’23

A hectic, fun and extremely exciting week is just around the corner.

Blue Ocean is very much present. And this time we have taken it all a step further:

A huge step towards actually profitable circular economy in sludge treatment. Where sludge is converted into a product (commodity) with actual sales value, where you can extract significant amounts of heat, produce your own emission-free electricity – and bind large amounts of carbon in the process.

The process is well proven and fits extremely well with Blue Ocean’s compact and highly energy-efficient systems for dewatering and drying sludge from land- or sea-based aquaculture.

This time we are exhibiting together with our pyrolysis partner Pyrocore, and we have a lot of exciting things to show. And tell.

See you at both D-350!

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