This is how fishfarming can become carbon negative

PyroCore is the company that develops the pyrolysis technology that aquaculture sludge handling systems supplier Blue Ocean Technology offers as the end module. Primarily, Blue Ocean Technology is concerned with extracting, dewatering and drying sludge but can now also offer an extra step, which can prove to be very valuable for fish farmers.

Blue Ocean Technology’s managing director, Hans Runshaug, says the company experienced great interest in the method during fish farming trade show Aqua Nor in August.

“A lot of people stopped by our stand to hear about this,” he tells Fish Farming Expert’s sister site, Landbased AQ. “We actually ran out of brochures, and that must be the first time in my long Aqua Nor ‘career’.”

And on that stand the company had pyrolysis expert Stuart Caley, from PyroCore, based in Avonmouth, Bristol in the UK.

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