Pelagia becomes sole owner of Blue Ocean Technology

 In February, Pelagia became the majority owner of Blue Ocean Technology after a share issue. Pelagia has now bought the remaining shares and  owns Blue Ocean Technology 100%.

Blue Ocean Technology was established in 2012. The company was founded by entrepreneurs with an extensive background in and close ties to the aquaculture industry. The company has developed sustainable, compact and energy-efficient solutions for dewatering and drying aquaculture sludge – with delivered systems along large parts of the Norwegian coast and abroad. Blue Ocean has also come a long way in developing technology to create sustainable, profitable downstream concepts.

Pelagia is an important supplier to the aquaculture industry, with technical solutions for handling trimmings, fish guts and dead fish – as well as contingency solutions for fish in the sea. Furthermore, Pelagia has established solutions both at sea and on land to handle the logistics associated with these services.

– Pelagia has tremendous faith in this segment – and by now taking over all of Blue Ocean Technology, we can seamlessly integrate Blue Ocean’s technology with our logistics solutions, knowledge and networks in the industry at home and abroad. We have clear ambitions to become the preferred total supplier in the profitable and sustainable handling of aquaculture sludge – both on land and at sea, says Egil Magne Haugstad, CEO of Pelagia.

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