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Blue Ocean system to Gigante Salmon

Sludge specialist wins contract for 20,000-tonne on-land salmon farm

Aquaculture sludge solutions provider Blue Ocean Technology has signed a contract to deliver a containerised treatment plant to Gigante Salmon Rødøy, which is building a large flow-through on-land salmon farm in Norway. The contract includes dewatering of sludge with Blue Ocean Technology’s core technology, which includes the company’s Bluehouse-branded band filter and screw press. Gigante also has an option on Blue Ocean technology’s Blue Dryer, based on low energy solution with absorption technology and heat recovery.

Gigante Salmon Rødøy AS will produce around 20,000 tonnes of salmon (round weight) a year at Lille Indre Rosøy in Rødøy municipality in Helgeland. Construction started in the autumn of 2021, and production start-up is planned for the second half of 2023, with the first salmon reaching the market in 2024. “This solution from Blue Ocean Technology fits well into our concept,” said Gigante chief executive Helge Albertsen. “We value the energy economy highly, and an energy-efficient solution for sludge treatment goes straight into our strategy.”

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