Fish sludge and ESG

Fisk sludge and ESG

The threshold for better ESG accounting is lowered significantly when profitable

For many years, Blue Ocean Technology has focused on streamlining the treatment of sludge from fish farms to make it worth it. Getting rid of the sludge entails a cost for the owner. Through efficient technology, low energy consumption and minimal

Dewateringer and drying
Using Blue Ocean Technology’s dewatering and drying technology helps to lower the threshold for establishing optimal downstream systems. This in turn further increases the value of the sludge. We now see the contours of what this will become when technology facilitates sustainable opportunities, and we continue to work with purpose and great enthusiasm in collaboration with our customers who are at least as passionate about this as we are.

Some of our partners: Gigante Salmon • Purecod • Landeldi Island • Samherji Island • Salmon Evolution

Fish Sludge: From refuse to resource

We have flexible solutions that can easily be expanded (Plug&Farm®) – and not least the process and chemistry expertise. Our solutions
are specially developed for the fish farmingindustry – and we have a solution suitable for you.

More than 20 systems
Blue Ocean Technology is working on several exciting projects in the wake of having supplied and received contracts for more than 20 facilities in the last 2-3 years. In Iceland, major efforts are being made to establish cooperation between land-based fish farming and agriculture. All sludge will be collected and converted into sustainable fertiliser. This will enable Europe’s largest desert, Iceland, to gain more arable, sustainable soil with the help of treated fish sludge. Iceland, which currently imports all its fertiliser as artificial fertiliser, will be able to produce its own natural fertiliser. This is sustainability in the true sense of the word, local sludge, local fertiliser, the refinement of something that would normally be thrown away.

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